Have you been wrestling with a creative block?

Do you struggle to make decisions and reach your goals?

Are you under pressure and looking for a new way to process your stress?

Are you ready to start exploring the sensory world of your body and imagination?



"Now  providing 3 hour long intensive creative coaching sessions.

Prior to your session you will be asked to complete a questionnaire complied by Resonate Therapy. Once we have determined your sensory and creative preferences, Resonate Therapy will offer a menu of bespoke creative interventions for you to choose from. Together we will address the themes that challenge you or your team together through your sensory and creative self/selves."

Creative Coaching sessions as a group or individual, you will:

  1. Receive a bespoke interpretation of your sensory and creative needs, to help inform the best way to use the 1to1 or group intervention, using the sensory questionnaire and initial consultation.

  2. Resonate Therapy will provide all materials for the coaching session, this will include art materials, sensory objects and additional materials needed for the meeting.

  3. You will be guided through a focused theme and chosen creative intervention. The creative interventions will be based around the following mediums: clay and sculpture, nature, music, painting, printing, creative writing, sand play, drawing, drama, dance, and movement.

  4. During the session you will be supported to integrate the sensory and creative experience into goals and focus points for the future.

3 hour long 1to1 creative coaching session, face to face (inluding a 20 minute break).

To be held near Hermitage Berkshire.

Materials included.

Sessions held during the weekend.

Total cost £420


3 hour long creative coaching session for your team (inluding a 20 minute break).

Face to face from either a location near Hermitage, Berkshire, or from your workplace.

Total Cost on application