"To Resonate, is like tuning into healing on a micro and macro scale.

By encountering the multicellular and metaphysical world that holds the dancing chaos of light and dark, whilst singing a deep, beautiful,  primordial song."

grace mcintyre


"Dear Friend,

As you are, go deeper.

Do not fear the rippling shadow

or the collecting debt.

For your soul holds the pearls of 

a thousand storms,

polished upon your every breath."

grace mcintyre

Papers Creative Agency
creative process

The starting point: Finding that magic point in creativity, where the image becomes the vehicle for destinations of new experence.

Knowing there is no one set direction to head in. Just trust in your motion forward as you make marks. 

And savour the ending.

grace mcintyre



There is increasing need for

institutions to meet the provisions of neurodiversity, whether this presents as ASAD, ADHA, addictions, anxiety,

depression, self-harm or learning disability the environment is to be sculpted around the neurobiological reality of both individual and collective needs.

When we create safety within the nervous system of an individual, this acts as a multiplying platform for  others to engage and co-regulate, expanding the sense of safety and hence collectively achieving brilliance together.

grace mcintyre
Small Hands holding the world in Vintage

The world is vivid.

The world is full of choice.

The world is rage full and innocent.

The world is resuced daily by the passenger of life.

The world is speaking to itself when it speaks through us.

The world closes and opens doors into opportunity.

The world is resonating with world in music, art, nature, community.

You are a world inside a world.

grace mcintyre
Black and White Illustration

I have gained both personal and professional experience of supporting those in the deepest crisis and having survived extreme adverse life events.


How we weather the truth is testament to our commitment to facilitate change. Change is needed in our communities and culture; our young people our dependant on us having faith they can change the world for the better. Even in the face of generational difference, if we can begin to find strength in truth then we will be providing our young people with the hope that their truth is real and matters to their community.


As stated in the Government's 2020 PSHEE manifesto, “It’s not enough to leave Personal Development to chance by relying on extra-curricular activities and doing so might mean the most disadvantaged pupils miss out.” My skill is to ‘see’ an individual in the present moment but also within a wider system, I can share this way of seeing with others. As we aid a young persons understanding of their own personal life narrative this can be guided towards fulfilling purpose.

young people
grace mcintyre


Without vision autonomy becomes illusive, and we merge facelessly into a system we can then result in resenting as we have been unable to individuate into our own potential. Developing upon self-expression, communication skills and self-regulation will aid the development of individuation and capacity to birth your dreams.

grace mcintyre

White Brush Strokes


Reconfiguring perspective in the face of adversity is an important skill when recovering from trauma; to begin to build upon a world that is different to the place in which we wish to escape or transform, we need to connect with our imaginations to build this image and mentalise it into fruition.                               

This is how I have enabled myself to transform those things in my life which were no longer serving or nurturing my best interests. This is a fundamental skill I teach to clients wishing to begin a therapeutic journey; which enables them to transform themselves from the inside out.

grace mcintyre


An inner child can be neither denied nor ignored.

They are witnesses.

Once we were consciously active participants in life with them.

Our consciousness became more layered. We lived less with them, and they lived more within us unconsciously.

If we truly stood witness to them, we might capture the image of their iridescent potential illuminating a dark night sky.

grace mcintyre

The inner child

The four d's

When working in the body we have even more need for our language to be accessible and simple as we depart from the intellectual mind.

When considering activation and mapping triggers in the body and how to scale the dysregulation.  

These four words can make a lot of sense of how we get stuck in old patterns.

Am I feeling?





So often in attachment-based trauma we move into DENIAL when feeling these sensations.

Check yourself when these sensations are increasing and seek support from inner adult figures who have care and love for you, or alternatively turn towards those that you trust in life to share your feelings. In the best-case scenario, you may identify you are feeling triggered and you can reality check what about the exchange or person triggers you. Bringing awareness to seeing a person through a trauma lens. And at worst, you may be able to identify that someone in your life may not be nurturing your best interests. For younger parts, part of their trauma was staying silent, each time you voice their concerns is an opportunity to re-integrate them into the safe hub of your present, through validation and care. The body is integral to abridging this process, as the body and the parts needs to feel the safety now of un-silencing, and no longer being in denial.

grace mcintyre


grace mcintyre

expression not suppression