1to1 therapy sessions

 £64 per 50 minute session

Long term and short term

Couples Therapy

£154 for 1.5 hour sessions

Long term and short term


Private consultation with organisations looking to increase wellbeing and cohesion within their staff teams. Through the provision of experiential creative groups and psychoeducation.

Working with all ages above 11+

In the first instance I provide a free 20 minute Initial Meeting.

Mobile; 07738208846




Panic Attacks
Grief and Loss
Eating Disorder

sensory sensitivity

Suicide Ideation


High Impulsivity


Intrusive Thoughts

binge eating

Intrusive Sensations




"Available to help you unpick the knots of your past and begin to weave a new future."

Currently working online. 


With specific interest in ‘IFS for Trauma’, structural disassociation and treating psychosexual complexities.  I work with an integrative theoretical model woven alongside the use of the expressive arts. I facilitate connection with an individual’s visual, bodily, and relational experience, leading to a bespoke understanding of their therapeutic process. In sessions I focus on the need to establish safety and stability in a client’s nervous system supported through developing skills in psychoeducation and mindfulness. I have a wealth of experience working with those in crisis suffering from lack of focus, lack of mobility, stuck in survival responses and loss of hope. With my aptitude to retain regulation and vision I help guide others into theirs. We each need vision, without vision autonomy becomes illusive, and we merge facelessly into a system we can then result in resenting as we have been unable to individuate into our own potential. Developing upon self-expression, communication skills and self-regulation will aid the development of this individuation and development of trust in self and others.


When running groups with client's who are diagnosed with, trauma. CPTSD, DID, PTSD, EUPD and other behavioural and attachment based mental health difficulties, it is imperative that I facilitate group therapy in a clear, structured and concise manner. This requires me to present with confidence and clear leadership for the group to then model from a place of safety and comprehension: cohesion amongst themselves. I greatly enjoy group work for the very evident reward, of placing myself energetically into cultivating a healthy group dynamic, which in turn creates a robust, healthily challenging, and vibrant group, where real change can happen.


When working as a group facilitator and in 1to1s I am guiding service users to connect deeply on their personal ways of relating. I work with a parts model, such as, structural dissociation and IFS (Internal Family Systems) to address younger self states that become activated and regress into maladaptive ways or responding to the world. I am always keeping in mind the younger parts of the client, as this is so often where the trauma lies, meaning I am working regularly with adolescent and child parts of an adult client. The use of the arts has been integral to developing more embodied integration of the parts system.


I am climatised to working under pressure and bringing those in crisis into a better place of self/co-regulation, resulting in reduction in impulsive and destructive behaviours. This form of crisis management under pressure is a skill I have developed upon since training on my masters, and it continues to be an aspect of my own personal development I am always interested to build upon further. Reconfiguring perspective in the face of adversity is a huge part of the creative aspect to my psychotherapy training, to begin to build upon a world that is different to the place in which we wish to escape or change , we need to connect with our imaginations to build this image and mentalise it into fruition. This is how I have enabled myself to transform those things in which my life which were no longer serving or nurturing my best interests, and this is a fundamental part of what I offer to service users wishing to begin a therapeutic journey that enables them to transform themselves from the inside out. My resiliency to meet need at a place of difficulty I believe comes from my aptitude to think, feel and be creative with each moment that passes as it fuels my reflexive capacity to meet difference and make connection.



In our first meeting we will discuss your hopes and fears for therapy and your presenting symptoms.

We would aim to establish safety and stability in your nervous system supported through developing skills in psychoeducation, mindfulness and increasing your capacity to become more embodied. You will be central to forming the rhythm and pace of your recovery, when ready and with increasing capacity we can begin to focus more on processing the emotional and somatic based remnants of trauma in the nervous system. Leading to fuller integration in your sense of self.

Art Therapies look to stimulate curiosity towards micro and macro choices, to prompt the comprehension of perspective and the possibility of something different. Art Therapy can also aid the ordering and expressing of content that may feel disorganised and without words.

I wish to welcome your questions and curiosity about beginning a therapeutic relationship.