"Grace has shown both patience and flexibility in managing the initial resistance from group members created by the structural change to this session. The group members have settled well and are expressing their enjoyment, and the benefits, of her work with them. In addition, Grace has been responsive and adapted well to the wider requirements and particular approaches of a therapeutic community and we have undoubtedly benefited from her presence in the additional groups she has attended and facilitated."

Clinical Specialist at NHS Oxford Complex Needs Therapeutic Community, Sally Brookes

Illustrated Eyes


"Grace is a conscientious practitioner, working at bringing together all her training and experience to support her work with patients in a demanding setting. Grace trained as an arts psychotherapist and has also worked in an NHS setting where group analytic ideas were practiced. In her work she manages to combine insights from both these theory bases while working within the organisation which focusses on a bodily approach to supporting self-regulation of patients recovering from trauma."

Group Analytic Psychotherapist and Supervisor Margaret Galop 

“ Just as our bodies are made of many parts that form a dynamic, interwoven system that works together, so it is with our psyches. We are more awake, alive, and complex than we know.”

Ralph De La Rosa