How to start?

Initial free 20 minute consultation.

Reach out now to book a Initial Meeting to discuss your needs.

The Session?

A session lasts 50 minutes and costs £60.

Sessions will be held over Zoom, for which I will provide you with a link through your email.

Cancellation and Payment?

You may cancel an appointment 24-hours prior to session. Cancelling within the 24-hour period will leave you liable to pay the fee of the session. Payment is through bank transfer.

Psychotherapeutic Frame for growth and change 

When starting a therapeutic alliance together I am agreeing to support you to identify treatment goals and use my skill set to help you achieve them.

It is in my best interest to support you to begin envisaging how you would like to use the resources available to you in the therapeutic session. 

Whilst working together your treatment will be typically staggered over three stages, from stabilisation, processing, and reintegration. Dependant on the point of entry and exit into therapy, the treatment model will be adjusted to meet your specific needs.

 I do recommend that you find a way to journal your experience, this can be through words, imagery, collage, music, creative writing such as poetry and stories. These reflections can be built upon further in the sessions, whilst adding to a truly personalised and bespoke exploration of your experience.

Symptom reduction what to expext

“ Just as our bodies are made of many parts that form a dynamic, interwoven system that works together, so it is with our psyches. We are more awake, alive, and complex than we know.”

Ralph De La Rosa