Training, Qualifications & 5+ Years in Practice














Experience of working with complex mental health:


Such as trauma

Survivors of incest

Ritual abuse



Sexual/emotional/physical abuse

CPTSD complex post-traumatic stress disorder



Eating disorder


Structural dissociation





Chronic pain






Sexuality and gender issues

Psychosexual complexities

Learning difficulties


Attachment disorder


Primary Trauma Therapist

09/11/2018 - September 2021

Khiron Clinics

Residential Trauma Clinic

Honorary Integrative Art Psychotherapist

30/09/2017 – 30/07/2018

NHS Complex Needs Therapeutic Community

Honorary Integrative Art Psychotherapist

30/09/2016 – 30/07/2017

NHS Charlton Lane Inpatient Service, 2gether Trust

Honorary Integrative Art Psychotherapist

11/03/2016 – 31/03/2017

The Daytime Support Centre, Oxford




Additional Experience of Working with Complex Needs in an Educational Setting

During my training as an MA Integrative Art Psychotherapist, I worked for over five years at The Iffley Academy in Oxford, a secondary school leading holistic and therapeutic approaches for SEN and behavioural adolescent students. In this role I was tasked to support the implementation of education and development of interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. In this setting I worked primarily as a Teaching Assistant, as well as grading therapeutic support daily to students who were often in crisis, learning to manage and control overwhelming impulses and feelings. This role deeply informed my understanding of developmental stages, attachment, and the need to respond intuitively to the complex presentation of looked after young people, ADHD, ASD, SEN, trauma and those from unstable socio-economic backgrounds. I greatly value the need to create safe spaces for those suffering from mental health symptoms to explore the complexities that emerge during challenging times.

Treating Complex Trauma 



Sensorimotor Institute


In Integrative Art Psychotherapy

Trained in IFS, Polyvagal Theory, Structural Dissociation, Mentalization and mindfulness, Psychosexual, sensory processing, non-verbal communication, body-based processing.
Trainings 2021


The Realisation Festival, Saint Giles House, Perspectiva Group, 2021

Sex, Desire and Relationship Issues, Psychotherapy Excellence, 2021

Healing Trauma with Guided Drawing; A bilateral approach to sensorimotor body mapping, BAAT, 2021

Trainings 2020

Breaking the Bonds of Sexual Trauma, Psychotherapy Excellence, 2020

Safeguarding for Adults, Able Training, 2020

Sensory Processing and Trauma, Tania Barney, 2020

IFS for Trauma, Psychotherapy Excellence, 2020

Ligature Awareness and Protocol, Able Training, 2019

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Level One, Sensorimotor Institute, 80 hours, 2019

Polyvagal Training, Deb Dana, 2019

Trainings 2019

Arts based Counselling Skills, The Institute of Arts in Therapy and Education, London, 30 hours, 2016

Advanced Diploma in the Application of Arts in Theapy and Education, London, one year, 2015

Trainings pre 2019


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How to start?

Free 20 minute 
Initial Meeting via Zoom 

Reach out now to book a Initial Meeting to discuss your needs.

The Session?

A session lasts 50 minutes and costs £60.

Sessions are currently held via Zoom, for which I will provide you with a link through your email.

Cancellation and Payment?

You may cancel an appointment 24-hours prior to session.

Cancelling within the 24-hour period will leave you liable to pay the fee of the session. Payment is through bank transfer.

Symptom reduction what to expext

Psychotherapeutic Frame for growth and change 

When starting a therapeutic alliance together I am agreeing to support you to identify treatment goals and use my skill set to help you achieve them.

It is in my best interest to support you to begin envisaging how you would like to use the resources available to you in the therapeutic session. 

 I do recommend that you find a way to journal your experience, this can be through words, imagery, collage, music, creative writing such as poetry and stories. These reflections can be built upon further in the sessions, whilst adding to a truly personalised and bespoke exploration of your experience.

Whilst working together your treatment will be typically staggered over three stages, from stabilisation, processing, and reintegration. Dependant on the point of entry and exit into therapy, the treatment model will be adjusted to meet your specific needs.